Classes & Workshops

Community of Sound is dedicated to education and artistic development. We feel that sharing our skills with the greater community will help develop an audience for creative music experiences as well.

So we teach. 🙂

All classes & workshops, like every event at CoS, adhere to our Code of Conduct. Our teaching philosophies tend to focus on hands-on work and encouraging the development of a personalized sound. All skill levels and experience are welcome to all of our classes and workshops.

Drop-in fee of $15 helps keep the doors open. Monthly membership of $50/mo gains entry to all classes and a discount on workshops. It’s like a yoga studio for sound.

Music and Technology

Wednesdays 6pm-7pm — Explore the tools and techniques used to take your music from raw ideas to finished tracks. Get hands-on experience with analog and digital recording equipment, music software and a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments. Open to all levels of experience. Instructor: Adam Ploof

Elements of Sound & Music

2nd Monday of the Month 6pm-7pm — Hands-on exploration of the elements of sound and music through the use of Eurorack modular synthesizers. Instructor: Gahlord Dewald

Free-Improvisation Research Ensemble

2nd/4th Tuesday of the Month 8pm-9pm — Open-instrumentation ensemble to develop skills and experience in free-improvisation and related music practices. The occasional research assignment will be given. Facilitator: Gahlord Dewald