Community of Sound

An Experimental Music Incubator

Community of Sound is a music incubator focused on experimental, contemporary art music, free improvisation, and sound art. 

The activities of Community of Sound involve Audience Development, Producing New Works, Education, Artistic Development, and Documentation. By pursuing these five areas of practice the founding members of Community of Sound improve their own work and add materially to the greater culture of Burlington Vermont and beyond.

Community of Sound is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Our EIN is 83-4026332.



Gahlord Dewald
performer of experimental, composed, and free improvised music

Benjamin Mayock (composer, sound engineer)

Adam Ploof (composer, synth/Rhodes/keyboardist)

Danielle O’Hallisey (composer, guitarist, synthesist)

Adrianne Cooper Smith (avant-garde banjo/accordion)

Clyde Powers (composer, instrument designer)

Reggie Achilles (electronic musician and composer)

Lauren Costello (cello, electronics, tape, curator, and composer)


Jeffrey Pierce (electronic music, composer, sound design)