In Your Dreams

A series driven by unusual combinations of sounds and experience, pairing mainstream and traditional musicians with experimental musicians and following together in a trusting and surreal environment. Third Monday of each month at Deli/126, which provides support to Community of Sound for this show. Curator: Lauren Costello

Free Improvisation Research Orchestra

A group that assembles twice each month to participate in free improvisation and adjacent creative practices. The group also engages with scholarship on the individuals, institutions, and ideas associated with improvisation. More information

CoS:INE Series

Community of Sound: Improvised, New, Experimental, presents artists working in a variety of creatively generative sound practices. Past performers have included Rajna Swaminathan, Theo Bleckmann, María Grande, Jo Bled, Sandy Ewen, Greg Davis, Spark Duo, Sarah Louise, Toussaint St. Negritude, and Jane Boxall. Curator: Gahlord Dewald

AM Frequency

An experimental music series presented as an early morning intervention at a locally-owned coffee shop at 7:30am on a weekday once each month. More information